[A4] Fog lens broken - RESULTS

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Tue Aug 3 19:30:25 EDT 2004

Well, to solve this for the future, get the Stongard lens coating....handy 
on the headlights but crucial on the fog lights in my opinion.  Then you'll 
probably never have to deal with breakage again.

At 16:28 2004-08-03, Single Malt wrote:
>Thanks to those who responded to my original post on
>my wife's A4 3.0 fog lamps issue.  Here is what I
>found out and ended up going with:
>I found looking for a lens-only replacement to be too
>difficult and aborted that avenue.  If anyone has any
>specific sources on european companies that sell the
>lenses separately, I would *love* to know them as I
>suspect these lenses will be broken again someday ...
>and I dislike replacing an entire subsystem when only
>a small part is broken.
>The car-parts.com site is a very nice resource to know
>about.  I found three or four listings for the
>fog/driving assembly.  One was very close to home, but
>it was already sold.  Another was located in Michigan.
>  They wanted $55. I will use this source again in the
>The dealer quoted the wrong part the first time
>apparently as the list price went down to $103 (hey!
>things ar looking slightly better!).  With our Audi
>Club discount, the price dropped to $93.
>The dealer had it in stock.  The car-parts.com lead
>was for a used part that I had to rely on their idea
>of "good condition" on.  I felt the dollar difference
>for the risks involved (returns, wrong/damaged part)
>weighed in the dealers favor.
>I'll let you know what the install involved, but it
>*looks* like the two fasteners visible at he front of
>the unit are all that hold it in (although I am
>*fully* expecting to have to dismantle the entire
>front end to replace this ... isn't that the way it
>always goes?).
>BTW ... the new part uses a different lens material
>(poly-carb, lexan??).  I've been told that the typical
>"ston-gard" like materials are not recommended for
>high heat lamps, so I hope the new material can hold
>up to the projectile bombardment a little better than
>the original glass.
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