[A4] Suggestions for new wheels?

Martin Cote cote_m at look.ca
Sun Aug 15 12:56:28 EDT 2004


I've been riding for the last 3.5 years on Ronal R-7 wheels 17x8 and I'm dissatisfied with the ruggedness of these wheels. Up here in Montreal, we have our fair share of roads with cracks and potholes and these wheels are now bent beyond repair. In fact, I had them restored to their original shape last year, which cost me some $ of course, but after one summer, they're in bad shape once again. 

 don't want to make the same mistake twice and I want to buy a new set of wheels, something light but more solid this time. What brands can I count on? I checked the tirerack site and they have some nice BBS and Oz wheels. Their price range varies quite a bit (BBS goes from ~$200 to $600+). What price should I aim for good quality? do I have to buy forged wheels or are good quality cast wheels sufficient? I don't do any track, I just like to push it a bit on normal roads.

All suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

Martin Cote,
Montreal, Canada
A4 2.8Q, Quattro

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