[A4] 1.8T warranty extension

Jon delta9 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 14:14:30 EDT 2004

I have to agree with what Michael said.  I have been changing my oil
with Mobil1 since they removed the factory oil from the oil pan at 5k
miles.  It doesn't always get changed right at 3k miles, sometimes I
wait until it is convenient for me and sometimes that isn't until
about 4k miles, but never over 4k and nowheree near 5k.

I know plenty of people let Mobil1 run in there engine for over 5k
miles, but for me and my GIAC XChip'd 2001, I figure its safer to
change the oil every ~3500 than push my luck.

When I emptied my oil pan last time I was roughly low one quart of
oil.  Add to that the oil that I "lost" in the oil filter and the oil
that spilled out on the cardboard that I lay on my garage floor to
catch any drippage and my car probably used 3/4qt of oil over ~3300
miles.  I have been using the Blue cap mobil1 (5w30).

I have no idea how much "sludge" is in my engine, but I bet it isn't
anywhere near as much as those that only change their conventional oil
every 10k as per  Audi's recommendations.


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