[A4] 1.8T warranty extension

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I've been using Mobil1 5w30 for about the last 2 years now, and change it
every 4000 miles or so as I'm running an APR stage 1. I've noticed that the
car loses about 1 quart of oil in this period, which is probably due to far
higher boost pressures, but I'm not particularly worried about sludge
problems. Interestingly, my dealership doesn't seem to have any issue
putting non-synthetic in the 1.8T which I was quite surprised about....


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I have to agree with what Michael said.  I have been changing my oil
with Mobil1 since they removed the factory oil from the oil pan at 5k
miles.  It doesn't always get changed right at 3k miles, sometimes I
wait until it is convenient for me and sometimes that isn't until
about 4k miles, but never over 4k and nowheree near 5k.

I know plenty of people let Mobil1 run in there engine for over 5k
miles, but for me and my GIAC XChip'd 2001, I figure its safer to
change the oil every ~3500 than push my luck.

When I emptied my oil pan last time I was roughly low one quart of
oil.  Add to that the oil that I "lost" in the oil filter and the oil
that spilled out on the cardboard that I lay on my garage floor to
catch any drippage and my car probably used 3/4qt of oil over ~3300
miles.  I have been using the Blue cap mobil1 (5w30).

I have no idea how much "sludge" is in my engine, but I bet it isn't
anywhere near as much as those that only change their conventional oil
every 10k as per  Audi's recommendations.

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