[A4] And then there were three....

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Thu Aug 19 22:06:45 EDT 2004

Ignition amplifier on top of the airbox is toast.



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> This afternoon, driving down Hampton Blvd, the A4 lost a 
> cylinder.  I noticed it accelerating away from a light, it was 
> shuddering and making less power.  No noise, no fuss, it was just 
> gone.  "OK", I think, "I've been hit by the dead coil pack bug".  
> I got home and once the car cooled down a bit, I did some 
> troubleshooting.  Pulled off the connectors from teh coil packs 
> one at a time, and there it was, #2 cylinder.   So I pulled the 
> #1 coil pack and swapped it with the #2.  Problem stayed with the 
> #2 cylinder.  I pulled the spark plugs from both 1 and 2, and 
> swapped them.  I also noticed that the #2 plug didn't smell 
> gasoliney, and was dry as a bone.  Not all that suprising being 
> as the engine is very warm, but you'd think there would be a 
> little gas on it.  Problem stayed with #2 cylinder.  I broke out 
> the book and the voltmeter, and found that the connectors for 
> both #2 and #1 had 12 volts on the outside pin, a good connection 
> to ground on the inside pin, and teh same milivoltage on the 
> other outside pin with the engine running.  So I guess teh wiring 
> is good.  
>   Turned my attention to the fuel side.  I could the #2 injector 
> clicking, and it noticeably stopped when the connector was 
> pulled.  So I pulled the whole rail off and switched the #1 and 
> #2 injectors.  Success!  the misfire switched to the #1 cylinder. 
>  Now, this is what's interesting. Oh, by the way, a single 
> injector is $150.  Crazy, aint it?    I pulled the #1 injector 
> out, sprayed some carb cleaner into the orifices, blew them out, 
> shook it, tapped it, caressed it and sweet talked it.  
> Reinstalled, started engine, guess what?  Problem is back on #2 
> cylinder.  I don't have my compression gauge, that would be my 
> next check, but the plug looked fine and there wasn't any 
> indication of any mechanical problems, I.E. clanking, clattering, 
> etc etc.  Engine sounds exactally the same as it did before, 
> except for having a misfire.  Anybody got any ideas?  I put 
> VAG-COM on it, and the only trouble codes were for misfire #2 
> cylinder, random misfire, and open injector circuts on #1 and #2 
> cylinders, not unexpected as I was pulling the connectors off.  
> Cleared codes and restarted, the first two codes returned.  
> Nothing else.....
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
> Andy
> "A little nonesense now and then
> is treasured by the wisest men"
> Andy Hellmann
> VA Beach VA
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