[A4] And then there were three....

Brizax at aol.com Brizax at aol.com
Fri Aug 20 19:32:37 EDT 2004

ick minus 20 points for the wing, do a nice awd launch, slip the clutch  from 
3-4k from a stop and gas it, lots of fun :)

Whose  the gorilla?

Hehehe.. Just skidding.. 

On a lighter note.. I get  to baby-sit my 'good' friend's '99 Mitsu 3000 GT
VR4 for a  week.
Muhahahahaa... 320HP of AWD AWS whoop-ass...
I think my little '96  Audi A4 2.8 FronTrac (V6-12v) will stay in the garage
while daddy goes out  and gets his freak  on..

Drive Fast/Take  Chances


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