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The denso's are 'supposed' to be an upgrade in the fact that they last a
long time, and in fact I'd had about 20,000 miles on them, but when removed,
showed a lot of wear on the outer electrode. Apart from that, they're pretty
standard plugs, just with an Iridium tip (very hard). If you're running
normal boost pressures the choice of spark plugs is probably not that much
of an issue, but at higher pressures, as the charge becomes less
conductive(?), a good plug with a proper gap appears to be a must to avoid

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> problem, changed his spark plugs and voila! no stuttering. I then
> to replace all four plugs, throwing away my old denso iridiums, and hey
> presto..car goes like a rocket.....

I have heard from various people that the 1.8t is very picky about the
spark plugs you can and can not use.  Many people just say to stick
with the OEM plugs to minimize problems.

Forgive my ignorance, but are those denso's OEM/Stock type of plugs or
were they an upgrade/mod?  I've only ever had my stock plugs changed
under warranty at 40k service interval, I am currently no longer under
warranty at 55k.

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