[A4] die audi! ahhhhhhhh more codes!

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sun Dec 5 07:54:06 EST 2004

At 5:28 AM -0500 12/5/04, Richard Hurt wrote:
>Well, I don't have any help for you, but I am willing to throw in my
>pain as well.  :)
>My A4 just lit up the AirBag light on Friday.  <sigh>  Do we have a
>fix for this?

	the dealer covered my airbag light fix for free.

>I seem to remember a thread about removing the steering
>wheel and lubeing the contacts.  Oh, and I have seemed to misplace my
>gas cap.  Does anyone know a good place to get a replacement?  I am
>going to try my local VW dealer cause it's closer and probably
>cheaper.  But I don't know if the part numbers are the same, anybody
>have any cross reference numbers on this?  Is it the same as the
>Passat one?  I don't think I want to go with the generic one from
>Autozone.  I think the venting might be unique and I don't want to
>screw up my car any more than normal.  :/
>   Richard
>BTW: How did you get the codes?  Do you have a VAG-COM?  Man, I think
>I'm just going to have to break down and get one of those things...
>On Sat, 4 Dec 2004 18:06:41 EST, brizax at aol.com <brizax at aol.com> wrote:
>>  welp its been about 3 weeks so its time for something else to go wrong with
>>  my audi,
>>  its newest gripe, and mine is code 01203 dash panel instrument eletrical
>>  instrument no signal intermintant. GREAT bend me over
>>  well from searching what i find is its the abs control module, any ideas
>>  anyone?
>>  still have'n the refuel'n problems , gas spits out all over me 
>>like the  tank
>>  is full, ideas??
>>  booooooooo
>>  brax
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