[A4] new A4 in the family

Paul W. Henne pwh at cablespeed.com
Wed Dec 8 19:10:09 EST 2004

I have the same problem.  In my case, the ABS Controller has failed.  At 
first it was only sometimes, now the lights are on all the time.  While 
the brake and ABS lights are on, my brakes work fine but I have no ABS 
(the wheels lock up).  The part is around $1100 I think, plus several 
hours labor to install it.  It's not worth it for me.  Since this seems 
to be becoming a more common problem maybe they'll recall this too...


Tom Love wrote:

>We didn't get the owners manual with it (all the others, radio,service are there) so lame troubleshooting is all I can do at the moment. A Bentley will be coming. And yes the ABS came on at the same time.
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>  does the abs light come on as well? the brake pads might be getting low, the newer a4s have wear sensors in the pads, 
Paul W. Henne (near Annapolis, MD) <pwh at cablespeed.com>
1998.5 A4 1.8T QTS in Pearl White (131K miles)
Mods, etc:
- APR EMCS engine chip (1 BAR)
- Borla exhaust
- HyperBoost DV
- Samco silicone vacuum hose to DV
- AWE A-pillar boost gauge
- Toyo Proxes 4 (225/50ZR16)
- Valentine One RADAR/laser detector (windshield mounted)
- Sylvania SilverStars
- S4 wheel well liner (intercooler side)
- Mobil 1 (0W-40 year-round)

Be smooth.  Look ahead.

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