[A4] Control arm recall

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Thu Dec 9 16:38:16 EST 2004

>From what I have been told it is largely a dealer call as to whether to
replace them or not.  However, I have also been told that the dealer has to
return all of the replaced control arms to AoA for inspection.  Whether they
actually get installed is another question altogether.


> Well, part of the reason for the recall is that they are bad even
> though they LOOK okay.  I wonder
> how well they are checking the cars.  If there is odd tire wear,
> clunking, squeeking or anything
> I'd force the issue with AoA and/or the dealer a little bit.
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> > I just got back from the control arm inspection at the
> dealership as per the recall
> > letter. I have had this 98.5 A4 Avant since new, and bought it
> from this dealership, The
> > original control arms are still in place. They told me that it
> did not need any lower
> > control arm replacements and that the front suspension had only
> normal wear, (even though
> > there is visible excessive negative camber). They've only done
> one replacement after
> > inspecting about 60 cars, so this isn't exactly a free parts
> give-away....  Cheers,      Gordon
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