[A4] Control arm recall

Gordie's Garage audidoodie at comcast.net
Thu Dec 9 17:05:33 EST 2004

I checked mine the other day while putting on snows and whereas I have a
very definate clunk, I could not really discern any free play, although
there was plenty of lateral movement available.  Seemed the same for both
sides, but clunk is only on one side.
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  if there bad they will have free play of travel, you can feel it up to
down and side to side
    Well, part of the reason for the recall is that they are bad even
    > though they LOOK okay.  I wonder
    > how well they are checking the cars.  If there is odd tire wear,
    > clunking, squeeking or anything
    > I'd force the issue with AoA and/or the dealer a little bit.

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