[A4] Considering to buy A3, but how about the temperature?

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Mon Dec 13 16:01:06 EST 2004

At 10:36 AM 13/12/04 -0700, Quincy Chiang wrote:

>Yep, all >'99.5 cars have the revised climate control system with the 
>"off" button.

Well..... no ;-)
In their wisdom, Audi made the first of the B6 models without an OFF button 
for the climate control.  Not sure what year the OFF button came back, but 
my '02 doesn't have one.

OTOH, it _does_ have an auto-recirculate feature designed to automatically 
switch to recirculate mode when a sensor picks up pollution in the outside 
air. Not sure if skunk smell counts as pollution.  Their is a manual 
recirculate switch as well, which AFAIK, can be used at any time, 
regardless of the state of the ECON switch.

>Btw, I don't think turning on the compressor by switch to recirculating 
>mode during winter will blow cold air.  The A/C system in that case works 
>to defog the interior but it should still blow warm air.

I believe that is correct, but cannot verify because, generally, the last 
thing that you want to do in winter is have your climate control system set 
to recirculate for any but the briefest time (I never put mine on 
recirculate).  Interior humidity builds up very rapidly and the windows 
become _very_ difficult, if not impossible, to keep fog-free.  Over 
extended periods, frost build-up on the windows, roof and door panels makes 
it nearly impossible to keep the windows clear.  When warm weather arrives, 
the melting frost can cause musty odours inside the car, especially if the 
windows are kept closed.


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