[A4] Considering to buy A3, but how about the temperature?

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Mon Dec 13 16:10:07 EST 2004

At 10:38 AM 13/12/04 -0800, Rocky Mullin wrote:

>At 7:59 AM -0800 12/13/04, Brian O'Connell wrote:
>>On the A6, there is an "off" switch which is also
>>nice.  In order for me to turn off the system on my
>>98.5 A4, I've got to ramp down the fan to zero to turn
>>everything off (no single button method).
>         see?!  LAME human interface design.  though  they added an off
>position, my 2000 A4 has it.
>         speaking of temperature, my engine temp gauge has started reading
>cold almost all the time.  grrrrr.

Sounds like your car needs a new thermostat.  Both my 'ex' 98.5 and my 
current '02 _always_ reach(ed) normal operating temperature, regardless of 
the outside temperature, even at -40 (C or F, take your pick ;-) !!!  It 
_did_ take the engines longer to reach normal operating temperature, but 
they did get there.

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