[A4] Noob ?s about A4 2.8

Tom Reynolds kjtar at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 24 16:41:19 EST 2004

Was considering the E36 BMW cars (budget price is up to about $15k or so)
but am a bit scared off by potential subframe/shockmount/engine mount
problems and thought I'd think about the A4 2.8.  So, a few ?s if you don't
1)  Lots of torque steer with the FWD 2.8?  
2)  But, because of no AWD on the 2.8 FWD, is it appreciably faster 0-60
than the 2.8Q?
3)  What is the real world time 0-60 of the 2.8Q?  I've seen a big
disparity when I can find anything at all on the 'net.
Now, I know that 0-60 is not the end all/be all of owning a car, but just
to establish some kind of benchmark/comparison between cars I'll be
considering, which are:
1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX (Z32 chassis- but non turbo)
1992-1997 Lexus SC 300 (only the ones with 5 speeds, probably too "soft" a
1994-1998 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra (but not the '96 unless cooling changes met)
1997-2001 Honda Prelude type SH
1999 Mazda Miata (not AE version, I can only count up to 5...)
1995 BMW M3 (if I can afford entry/maintenance costs)
1995+ BMW E36 coupes (but with Sport package)
and maybe the (B5?) Audi A4 2.8 (either FWD or Quattro, depending on your

Thanks very much, and Merry Christmas (Season's Greetings) to all,
Tom Reynolds
Sand Springs, OK

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