[A4] Noob ?s about A4 2.8

Roger Mecking mp3 at bellatlantic.net
Fri Dec 24 17:18:31 EST 2004

Hey Tom,
Might as well chime in first... Look into the 1.8T models of the A4... 
much more tunability, and cheaper too...

Tom Reynolds wrote:

>Was considering the E36 BMW cars (budget price is up to about $15k or so)
>but am a bit scared off by potential subframe/shockmount/engine mount
>problems and thought I'd think about the A4 2.8.  So, a few ?s if you don't
>1)  Lots of torque steer with the FWD 2.8?  
>2)  But, because of no AWD on the 2.8 FWD, is it appreciably faster 0-60
>than the 2.8Q?
>3)  What is the real world time 0-60 of the 2.8Q?  I've seen a big
>disparity when I can find anything at all on the 'net.
>Now, I know that 0-60 is not the end all/be all of owning a car, but just
>to establish some kind of benchmark/comparison between cars I'll be
>considering, which are:
>1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX (Z32 chassis- but non turbo)
>1992-1997 Lexus SC 300 (only the ones with 5 speeds, probably too "soft" a
>1994-1998 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra (but not the '96 unless cooling changes met)
>1997-2001 Honda Prelude type SH
>1999 Mazda Miata (not AE version, I can only count up to 5...)
>1995 BMW M3 (if I can afford entry/maintenance costs)
>1995+ BMW E36 coupes (but with Sport package)
>and maybe the (B5?) Audi A4 2.8 (either FWD or Quattro, depending on your
>Thanks very much, and Merry Christmas (Season's Greetings) to all,
>Tom Reynolds
>Sand Springs, OK
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