[A4] Noob ?s about A4 2.8 "MY 2 CENTS"

Nick Thompson sfdaytona at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 24 17:56:12 EST 2004

> 1994-1998 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra (but not the '96
> unless  cooling changes met)

I love how people Judge American cars.  Sure, they've
had a bad reputation in the past, but there comes a
time to let it go.  I have a '97 Cobra that's given me
no issues whatsoever(90k miles).  My '01 A4 has been
great too, don't get me wrong.  But, I've had less
incidents with my Stang than I have had with my A4(oil
leaks, control arm bushings, etc). I hate to break it
to you, but that SVT motor is built far better than
people give it credit for(yes, it will give a 1.8T a
run for its money in terms of durability).

If you're in the market for an A4, stay away from the
V6 cars.  The 1.8T's are great, period.  I'd be
willing to bet you can find an '01 for around 15k or
so (maybe less).  

Happy Holidays!


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