[A4] Noob ?s about A4 2.8 "MY 2 CENTS"

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Mon Dec 27 14:02:42 EST 2004

At 6:44 AM -0800 12/27/04, Brian White wrote:
>You love Quattro.  It just happens to have a TORSEN which is just 
>one of many ways a differential
>can work.
>People seem to think TORSEN is what makes Audis all that...it's not. 
>It's just part of the diff
>In fact, my Miata has a TORSEN in it and it makes it a handful in 
>the rain. <grin>

	a handful?  how so?

	all i know is that i've not liked the feeling of halidex, and that
i feel more secure on the limit in TORSEN.  i felt *most* secure, though,
in my ur-quattro, with the first generation quattro system.

  Rocky Mullin 

  "Evil kills those who perpetrate it, and the pastures of inequity are harmful"


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