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Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Mon Dec 27 15:32:16 EST 2004

It's very true.  With only one wheel having traction, Quattro will not allow the car to move 
forward.  Saw it in action.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  This was a late model A4 with Quattro IV 

Also...the way TORSEN operates, and this may be the reason why, is that there has to be at least 
SOME traction on one side of the diff in order for it to work.  Example, in my Miata with its 
TORSEN limited slip, if one wheel loses all traction, then it basically becomes an open diff.  If 
there partial traction on one wheel, then the diff works fully and does the job.  This is actually 
one drawback of TORSEN diffs really no matter where they are...AWD systems, rear LSDs, whatever.

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> At 12:24 PM -0800 12/27/04, Brian White wrote:
> >   One wheel with traction and 3 without?  The car moves forward.
> >The Quattro will fail this test.
> 	i'm not sure i actually believe this.  IIRC it conflicts with
> what i've always heard about quattro technologies.
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