[A4] Re: Quattro, Torsen, Haldex and others...

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Mon Dec 27 15:59:01 EST 2004

	that's what i'm talking about.  quattro has always been about 
this IIRC.

At 12:52 PM -0800 12/27/04, Dan DiBiase wrote:
>--- michael pagano <mvp12547 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  I have had only one wheel traction with my former 97 a4 sedan. Saw it
>>  while my son was trying to pry it out of a snow bank I sort of lost it
>>  in.
>>  Only the left front was biting...it did manage to pull it out.
>Well, this is interesting... Acura has been advertising their 'SH-AWD'
>(Super-Handling - All Wheel Drive) system in the new RL as having thw
>ability to do just this - send X amount of the torque available to just
>any one wheel, if that is all that has traction... I always assumed that
>quattro was also able too do this.... In looking back into my car's
>brochure, it reads -
>"Now in it's fourth generation, quattro's ability to direct engine power
>where and when it's needed - from front to back, from side to side, even
>to a single wheel - continues to keep it a step ahead of newer systems."
>The illustration they should clearly shows a schematic where three of the
>wheels are on a slippery surface and one wheel is getting all of the
>(Page 37, 2004 Audi A4 dealer brochure)
>BTW, anyone seen the new RL in the metal? I saw 2 in one day, both in
>tiwn, within 10 minutes, one black and one silver, and thought both are
>extremely generic-looking.
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