[A4] Re: Quattro, Torsen, Haldex and others...

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Mon Dec 27 23:19:07 EST 2004

I have 1993 90csQ and 2001 A4 1.8TQ

Both have simmilar feel when it comes to gripping on slippery surface.  
I do have more experience with the 90 as I drive it most of the time and 
my whife drives the A4 most of the time.

Both have a torsen.  I have taken the 90 on ice and yes the system does 
search for grip through each wheel, however if you floor it all 4's spin 
like hell!

However you can better feel the system search for grip on wet tarmac 
when the car is unbalanced: take a sharp turn and floor it in 1'st :-))

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