[A4] Re: Quattro, Torsen, Haldex and others...

Jon delta9 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 11:45:23 EST 2004

> Either they disabled the EDL (possible as this was a marketing exercise) or
> the EDL couldn't keep up with absolutely ZERO traction on the other 4
> wheels.   It certainly looked like it was trying but just couldn't make it
> happen.   My eyes popped out of my head....I was certainly surprised to say
> the least.

BMW has been doing that demonstration for a long time.  You could
create a similiar scenario where Audi would pass with flying colors
and BMW would fail miserably.  What really should matter is real world
experience vs. marketing.  That is marketing to convince the soccer
moms that the extra money they are spending on their BMW-X is

I haven't owned a quattro vehicle for as long as many people on this
list and/or others on the larger qlist, but I haven't been stuck in my
A4 in the 4 years I have had it (due to one tire not having grip).  I
have been "stuck" because a road wasn't plowed yet, and the ground
clearance on my car wouldn't allow me to pass it.  The only vehicles
that were able to navigate that road that day were full size PICKUP
trucks with good ground clearance.  I laughed at the 2 or 3 SUVs that
got stuck b/c they were too cock strong to believe their SUV would get

I would take quattro any day over BMW's AWD system, no matter how
marketing wants to portray it.


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