[A4] RE: 1999 A4 2.8 quattro buyer's tips... [update]

Jeffrey Goggin jeffrey.goggin at cox.net
Sun Feb 1 16:02:51 EST 2004

As some of on this list already know, I decided not to buy the '99.5 2.8q
with the tip tranny that I originally asked about.  Upon closer inspection,
it turned out there was also damage to the hood in addition to the bumper
cover that, although it didn't appear to be the result of a major accident
(rather, something low speed, such as a truck backing into it), was clearly
going to cost a few bucks to fix instead of just a minor adjustment to the
mounting bolts.  I also was having a hard time getting past my concern of
living with a tiptronic tranny day-in, day-out, which ultimately proved to
be the final factor behind my decision.

On the positive side, though, I found an even better deal on a '99.5 1.8Tq
5-speed that was coming off lease and I bought that one instead.  It's
Volcano Black with a light gray interior, and (IMO), it looks great with the
pearl white 8x17 Compomotive MOs borrowed from the '85 UrQ that's resting
comfortably in my garage.  My only complaint with it so far is that it's a
bit slower than I'd expected, but that should be solved with the K04/chip
mod that's being offered for $1299 as a group-buy by AWE tuning (it expires
tomorrow, so if you're interested, you'd better move quickly!).  I will also
upgrade the exhaust system to match, but haven't decided yet whether to buy
something or have the local performance muffler shop roll one themselves
using the stainless-steel Supertrapp muffler I have lying around.  For now,
though, I'm going to leave the suspension alone (except for the wheels and
tires, which didn't cost me anything), as I'm finding the factory's sport
package to be surprisingly well balanced for day-to-day use.

Maintenance-wise, the control arms appear to be in good shape (no noise, no
noticeable free play), but I'll need to replace the timing belt, etc. in the
next few months.  Are there any special tools required or any BTDTs that I
should know before I tackle this job?  I think the logical time to do it
will be when I install the new turbo, etc. and while I'll have purchased a
Bentley for it by then, I'd appreciate a heads-up on what's involved so I
can plan accordingly.

So, in closing, exept for Paula's Nissan Sentra (a 2002 GXE with an auto
tranny, although it does have 2004 Spec V 7x17 wheels on it), my driveway
and garage are back to being Audi-only.  As expected, I sold the Spec V for
a small profit (to a secretary where I work; probably could have gotten more
still from somebody I didn't know, but I wanted to remain on friendly terms
with her and the quick turnaround appealed to my budget) and in the end,
while I enjoyed my brief visit to the dark side, as Dorothy once put it:
"There's no place like home!"  :^ )

Jeffrey Goggin
Chandler, AZ

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