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Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Tue Feb 3 15:45:22 EST 2004

At 10:12 AM 03/02/04 -0700, Ralph Schroth wrote:

>I am looking for a maintenance schedule for my '98 A4 2.8Q so that I can
>have it come up in my electronic calendar.  Is there a website that would
>have this information posted.

The Audi Canada website http://www.audicanada.ca/index  will, if you sign 
up for the My Audi option, allow you to:

"Stay informed about how to maintain your Audi. If you own an Audi 
available on the Canadian market from 1997 or later, you can view 
maintenance information online. To view maintenance information, select 
your vehicle's mileage. Please review your Owner's Manual or contact your 
Audi dealer for complete care and maintenance information."

I also recently downloaded the Maintenance schedule for my 2002 A4, but 
cannot remember where I got it.  I thought that it was from the Audi Canada 
site, but cannot locate it there, again(?).  Aaaahh... Just found it under 
Tips...  Recommended Maintenance, from the My Audi section.  So, if you 
'register' with your '98 A4, I suspect that you should be able to download 
the same info for your '98 A4.

>I just had it in for a coolant flush at 80K
>kilometres and the tech said I should be changing my timing belt.....I
>didn't think it is due until 100K kilometres.

The Maintenance Schedule for my '02 indicates 150,000 km, but I don't think 
that I will wait that long.  80,000 km seems _really_ early for a 2.8 
engine, even 100,000 km is pretty conservative, just keep eyes and ears 
open for signs of a failing water pump, the most common cause of broken 
timing belts on the 2.8.   HTH, YMMV, no responsibility, etc ;-)

>Also looking for an ABS control unit.  Any direction in where I might pick
>up a reliable used one?
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