[A4] Maintenance Schedule

Paul W. Henne pwh at cablespeed.com
Tue Feb 3 22:03:13 EST 2004

A lot of the Bosch 5.3 ABS controllers have been failing.  From what I've 
read, the problem seems to be related to age and not mileage.  My concerns 
with a used part would be that the used part may suffer the same fate.  Not 
a problem if you do the installation yourself, but I wouldn't want to have 
to pay someone to install it, only to have the replacement fail shortly 

In some cases, people with low mileage cars have been able to have Audi 
cover the replacement.  See the following link: 

I would recommend being as friendly and courteous as possible when dealing 
with Audi Canada.  I don't know if they handle things the same way as Audi 
of America, but I have never heard of Audi of America doing anything for an 
irate customer (unfortunately).

Hope this helps.  FWIW, my ABS controller has failed too.  With 117K miles 
on my car, I don't expect them to replace mine and have not bothered to 
call them yet... :)


At 05:05 PM 2/3/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Ralph,
>It's never too early to change a timing belt/water pump and other stuff in 
>there.  If you search the AW B5-A4 forum, you'll find many horror stories 
>about TB or water pump failure well before the suggested change interval, 
>the damage is extensive (bent valves, damaged head and pistons...)
>You may try some German or Audi/VW only junkyard in the States for stuff 
>like ABS controller, Chris from www.force5auto.com comes to mind, I bought 
>stuff from him before, highly recommended.  What's wrong with the ABS 
>system?  It could just be a misaligned sensor!
>PS: Are you in Edmonton?  I'm in Calgary!
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>From: Ralph Schroth <Ralph.Schroth at gov.ab.ca>
>Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2004 10:12 am
>Subject: [A4] Maintenance Schedule
> > I am looking for a maintenance schedule for my '98 A4 2.8Q so that
> > I can
> > have it come up in my electronic calendar.  Is there a website
> > that would
> > have this information posted.  I just had it in for a coolant
> > flush at 80K
> > kilometres and the tech said I should be changing my timing belt.....I
> > didn't think it is due until 100K kilometres.
> >
> > Also looking for an ABS control unit.  Any direction in where I
> > might pick
> > up a reliable used one?
> >
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Paul W. Henne (near Annapolis, MD) <pwh at cablespeed.com>
1998.5 A4 1.8T QTS in Pearl White (117K miles)
Mods, etc:
- APR EMCS engine chip (1 BAR)
- Borla exhaust
- HyperBoost DV
- Samco silicone vacuum hose to DV
- AWE A-pillar boost gauge
- Yokohama AVS dB (225/50ZR16)
- Valentine One RADAR/laser detector (windshield mounted)
- S4 wheel well liner (intercooler side)
- Mobil 1 (0W-40 year-round)  

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