[A4] 962.8Q Stalling in cold weather

pzaiatz at charter.net pzaiatz at charter.net
Wed Feb 4 07:41:05 EST 2004

Hi folks,

I have a 96 A4 Quatro with the 2.8 Recently she started doing something a bit odd. She runs fine on start and if I drive is locally stays that way. On my way home from work I get on the highway right away and go about 20 miles at around 80. As I come off the ramp and put in the clutch the RPM's drop like a stone. sometimes she bounces around 500 or even 100 rpm's but often it goes right out. If it stays runnign it does the same thing for the rest of the way home. If I shut it off and restart it seems to be cured for the time being. Note that it seems worse if the temps are below 20 F.

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