[A4] small problem at constant speed

rocketscienceracing at comcast.net rocketscienceracing at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 12:08:03 EST 2004

> The drifting issue still afflicts my car.  I think that it's just the
> way the car is.  It's very sensitive to changes in the road surface as
> far as holding a line goes.  Could be worn suspension components or even
> the steering rack, but my mechanic doesn't think so.  I'll have to take
> a look for myself to be satisfied.

Lack of on-center feel and/or the tendency to wander is a characteristic of just about every full-time AWD car. My old Talon did this, my A4 does it, as do pretty much all of the others. Of course there's a very technical reason that I can't remember right now, but this topic used to come up all the time on the Talon list.


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