[A4] Re: [s-cars] I am fed up!

Igor Kessel igor at s-cars.org
Sat Feb 14 12:35:21 EST 2004

the saga is over.

On 23 January 2004 I wrote a letter to Mr.Len Hunt.

On 29 January 2004 I received a call from Mr.Hunt's assistant, Mr.James 
Cruse. He advised that Mr.Hunt personally (!) read my letter and asked 
him to resolve the situation.

On 5 February 2004 I received another call from Mr.Cruse. He advised 
that AoA would perform a goodwill repair of my ABS controller. Audi 
would pay 100% of the cost for the part; I had to pay for 1 hour of 
labour. The conversation itself has left a very pleasant impression.

On 12 February 2004 I brought the car to Don Rosen Audi where the ABS 
controller was replaced under warranty.

Bravo, Audi!

I would like to most cordially thank all of you who sent me letters of 

I also would like to specifically express my profound gratitude to Bruce 
Mendel for the advice extended and the letter examples provided to me in 
the private communication. The style, the useful buzz words, and even 
the FedEx advice proved to be invaluable. Bruce, you can add this case 
to your tally of the 100% epistolary success rate.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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