[A4] Re: I am fed up!

Roger Mecking mp3 at bellatlantic.net
Sat Feb 14 13:23:49 EST 2004

Congrats on the goodwill repair Igor!
My question is this...
     How many hours did you spend getting Audi to goodwill your repair?  
I have a 99.5 A4 1.8TQM with 70k miles on it.  When it had a bit over 
60k miles, the car was still factory-stock when an electrode on one of 
the spark plugs broke, falling into the combustion chamber and damaging 
everything in that cylinder.  The local Audi declined a goodwill repair 
on the basis that the car was out of factory warranty, even though the 
sparkplugs were right at their 30k replacement period.  I had them 
forward the paperwork to the regional rep, who also declined repairs.  
Long story short, I ended up shelling out $5000+ to have a used engine 
put in at an independent shop.  I still love my Audis, but that has 
definitely soured my relationship with that dealer.  I wonder if I had 
actually taken up an extended letter writing/telephone campaign if it 
would have made a difference....

Picture Gallery of the Sparkplug damage... 

Igor Kessel wrote:

> Folks,
> the saga is over.
> On 23 January 2004 I wrote a letter to Mr.Len Hunt.
> On 29 January 2004 I received a call from Mr.Hunt's assistant, 
> Mr.James Cruse. He advised that Mr.Hunt personally (!) read my letter 
> and asked him to resolve the situation.
> On 5 February 2004 I received another call from Mr.Cruse. He advised 
> that AoA would perform a goodwill repair of my ABS controller. Audi 
> would pay 100% of the cost for the part; I had to pay for 1 hour of 
> labour. The conversation itself has left a very pleasant impression.
> On 12 February 2004 I brought the car to Don Rosen Audi where the ABS 
> controller was replaced under warranty.
> Bravo, Audi!
> I would like to most cordially thank all of you who sent me letters of 
> support!
> I also would like to specifically express my profound gratitude to 
> Bruce Mendel for the advice extended and the letter examples provided 
> to me in the private communication. The style, the useful buzz words, 
> and even the FedEx advice proved to be invaluable. Bruce, you can add 
> this case to your tally of the 100% epistolary success rate.

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