[A4] Re: I am fed up!

Roger Mecking mp3 at bellatlantic.net
Sat Feb 14 22:04:36 EST 2004

The ceramic insulation on the spark plug cracked... allowing the center 
to fall down...  Stock dealer-installed Bosch plugs btw... 

As for the APR Flywheel, I love it...  originally had the APR 
clutch/lightened flywheel, but the clutch wore down incorrectly and was 
warrantied by APR... apparently they had a lot with their clutch 
supplier at the time (ASCO clutches) so they gave me a SPEC Stage 3 
(Great clutch in its own)  I sent the flywheel out to SPEC to get a 
higher carbon steel flywheel surface installed as well.  The combination 
is now even better than the original, excellent driveabilty for street 
use...  Many people end up with the Stage 2 clutches for street use, But 
I like the peace of mind that you get with the Stage 3.
Hope that helped...

Brizax at aol.com wrote:

> how in the hell did part of the spark electrode fall into the 
> combustion chamber with the sparkplug in the head? did you break it 
> off then pull the plug out then it fell into there? if so thats kinda 
> your fault?
> also how do you like the apr lightweight flywheel setup? what stage is 
> it? hows daily driving?
> brax

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