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I don't think they "fall off" guys.  I've heard the failure can frequently
be caused by a brief spot of detonation which just blows the plug up.  In my
case I have a F5DPOR Platin sitting on my desk along side a lucky 4 leaf
clover (no engine damage) in which the center electrode is simply missing.
The metal base now freely spins about the ceramic plug tower.  This, Brax,
is something you will know about "before" you pull the plug out.

A hot track day +high boost &/or a single sip of less than ideal gas under
boost ...... or ??? a hot fleck of loose carbon build up?  Whatever.  In my
case the event involved a long road trip to Wyoming, new software running as
high as 24+ psi of boost and several tanks of gas from stations never
visited before.  I believe I lost the plug core electrode in a series of
hills between Laramie and Ft. Collins.

I've experience it once.  My bet is there are several folks on the various
lists, especially those who've chipped and track their car in the summer,
who've done it more than once.


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~I'm wondering the same thing.  How did the electrode just fall off?

~At 18:26 2004-02-14, Brizax at aol.com wrote:
~>how in the hell did part of the spark electrode fall into the combustion
~>chamber with the sparkplug in the head? did you break it off then pull the
~>plug out then it fell into there? if so thats kinda your fault?
~>also how do you like the apr lightweight flywheel setup? what stage is it?
~>hows daily driving?

For some interesting LWFW math & thoughts, you might want to a look at Sarah
Forst's 5th Q&A at http://www.nissanperformancemag.com/march03/ask_sarah/


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