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First, how, pray tell, would you suggest one make a visual inspection of a
plug without pulling it out?
I don't know where your plugs sit, but on the Audi 5 cylinder AAN they are
at the bottom of about a 5 to 6" well in the center of the head - simply not
really visible unless removed.  Second, even if you could see the plug,
externally, at least until you twist the ceramic tower, I doubt you would
notice there was a problem with it.  Last, there is no debris stuck in the
spark plug hole.

The 24 psi is done through the stock Bosch motronic ECU via boost, timing
and fuel map modifications in the chips.  There are some chips out & about
pushing 30+ psi, but those should probably be limited to high octane race

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    .  I believe I lost the plug core electrode in a series of
    hills between Laramie and Ft. Collins.

  sweet, i used to live in ft collins, fun town, i c now how the eletrodes
fail, but if you popped one off and the eletrode was visualy damaged why
would u pull the plug out with debrie stuck int he hole first? p.s. what
software are you running to run 24 psi? haltek? pms? id love to know about
some good upgrades for dataloging and stuff

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