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michael pagano mvp12547 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 17:37:42 EST 2004

Can only speak about several brands from experience on my A4 and on my VR6 Jetta. Goodyear products have proven to be garbage. From the oems on my previous 97 A4QM to the Eagle F1 currently on the Jetta they exhibit poor quality control. Ruptured belts,out of round,etc.,etc. I'm just glad I didnt spend the money to put them on either car.I have found Bridgestone to be a very good brand at any level and in general to be a good overall tire. Currently running the RE70 on another car. They run smooth, quiet and true, just the opposite of the Goodyears. Dont know about mileage on them yet. Currently running Dunlop Sport SP 5000 on my 00 1.8T Avant and I love em. Have close to 40K on them. My only experience with Michelin goes back a while. They last a long time and I found that to be a problem. The tire compound got harder as the tire aged, I prayed for them to wear out because they were horrible...the tire that wouldnt go away! Such a vivid experience that I never bought Michelin again.
 You have to weigh your driving style and prefs against any tire you consider. Budget is a big factor. I still run 16s on the Avant and try to stay close to $100 a tire.

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