[A4] Thinking upgrading to an '03 A4 1.8tQM

michael pagano mvp12547 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 20:27:19 EST 2004

I think upgrade is a very subjective term. I drove one and was convinced to keep my 00 1.8TM Avant. I felt it was a heavier slower car geared more towards luxury than the B5. But if lux is what you want, it is an "upgrade". It has less instrumentation, and I thought the interior,though very nice,was not as distinctive as the B5. The styling,except for the Avant,still leaves me a little cold,looking much like a little A6 which I find the homliest of the current Audi family.Again,just an opinion and you know what they are like! A used BMW can take you to the bank,certified or not. If I were you,I would keep your 99,a stage one chip will tear up a stock B6 1.8 and still give you the driveability you are used to. If repair costs loom big on your mind there is nothing like that new Audi Warranty for peace of mind,except for the fact you have to take it to a dealer. All in all you have a fun decision to make that will turn out good no matter what you choose...keep the 99. Good luck.

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