[A4] Tires..

Andy Hellmann a65l at cox.net
Sun Feb 29 20:51:00 EST 2004

Wound up ordering Bridgestone Potenza's from Tire Rack  300 bucks for all three.  Also ordered Bilstiens from Awe tuning.  Both buisnesses delivered when they said they would, what they said they would, and at a great price.  Got everything mounted up Thursday but beleive it or not I haven't had a chance to wring it out and see whatI think.  I will say that the bridgestones are very squirly on rain grooves, and although the same size as the tires they replaced they don't look as wide.  If i had realized that the car had 8" wide rims I might have gone wider, but you really have to watch clearance, especially in the rear.  Also, bridgestones seem to be a little numb around center, but that may just be that I've been driving the other car, and it's steering is a whole lot more touchy than the Audi's....

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Andy Hellmann
VA Beach VA

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