[A4] 1.8T fuel consumption

Cooke, Shane CookeS at bsci.com
Mon Jan 5 07:06:23 EST 2004


	Perhaps someone can help me out. I have just bought a '99 A4 1.8T
and I am very happy with it in every way except one.... its fuel
consumption. Over the last 4 tanks I have got only 28-29MPG and this was
with very easy driving, no major town work and no excessive cold starts. I
had expected more like 35+, the car does not drive, idle or run with
anything that would indicate a problem and the last test showed the CO2 and
PPM to be very good.

	My question is:

1) Is this normal for the car? and if so why so bad for such a small engine?
2) Are there any common faults that could be giving me this?

Thanks in advance,

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