[A4] Too much oil??

JP jp at tulane.edu
Mon Jan 12 11:58:11 EST 2004

>Now, on to oil.  My car was running like poo and smelled like gas, so I
>started with the easy stuff.  I check the oil and discovered I was
>hauling around about an extra 1.5L of it.  WOW!  I know that's bad.
>I don't remember why.  Can anybody list off all the bad things that can
>happen so I can make sure my previously very trusty mechanic checks it
>all out?

There's a thing in my owner's manual ('99 2.8) that says overfilling the
motor with oil may cause damage to the catalytic converter.  Other than
that, nothing as far as I know, but that's not a whole lot ;) 


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