[A4] Strange cooling behavior at 0F ambient

Christopher Anders dsi at chrisanders.net
Mon Jan 12 21:09:28 EST 2004

Wow- I am totally looking forward to researching all these hidden
options! :-)


Chris Anders

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>I had no idea about the conversion method, have any other good "hacks"?
>Chris Anders
If you want to have more fun with hidden little features like this,
out the tech articles at >the www.audiworld.com/tech website.

Click on INTERIOR on the left frame.  

One of the best articles here is "Unlocking the Secrets Within The
Control"  Using your Climate control panel, you can view all kinds of
stuff like
- Values of various sensors, temperatures
- your vehicle Speed (kph)
- your engine speed (rpm)
- standing time (minutes)
- various diagnostics, for troubleshooting HVAC problems, like stuck

I printed them all out, and keep it in the glovebox.  When ever I'm
waiting for someone, I'll pull it out and play with it a little bit.

Some other articles about some hacks you might not know about, can be
in the ELECTRONICS section.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of
list.  Two articles that contain some hidden hacks are:

- Symphony Radio "Hidden" EQ
- Symphony Stereo - Standard and Hidden Features

Of course, you'll probably end up spending all afternoon looking through
these articles, if you've never been to this site.  They're great.  I've
personally used several of them in my car.  

I've even sent in corrections and important notes for some of these
articles, to warn people about an important fact before they start, and
updated the original article to reflect my suggestion.  But they're
written by people like you and I.  If you have something you've done
you think would make a worthy addition, write it up and send it in.

Mitchell Segal

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