[A4] RE: snowflake next to temp

Christopher Anders dsi at chrisanders.net
Mon Jan 12 21:12:57 EST 2004

I am referring to the information center on the center of the dash, not
the climate control area.

Btw, does anyone else's buttons get sticky when its cold outside, mine
do and once a button sticks, you cant do a damn thing with the controls
until either a, you physically pull out the button  with a card etc, or
b, wait for the stick to unstuck itself. Very disturbing :-(

Chris Anders 

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Just to clear something up, are you refering to the snowflake symbol on
the interior temp control panel?  Or is it actually on the dash?  (I
don't have an outside temp display).  The snowflake on the temp control
panel is actually for the a/c, it will turn on when you use the heater
from time to time to keep the air inside the car dry.  


BTW nice to see the list is still active!
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