[A4] Too Much Oil?

Pbadore at aol.com Pbadore at aol.com
Mon Jan 12 23:12:39 EST 2004

Hi Joel,
If there is substantial fuel in the oil pan you should be able to smell it 
and the drained oil will be very thin and diluted.  If the fuel leak into the 
oil pan continues, 
it will fill up the oil pan and you will notice dripping from odd places 
under the engine.  Do you still have the sound proofing underbody cover installed 
on your A4?  If so, then there would be some fuel/oil spilled on it after the 
oil pan fills up. I know of a Porsche 944S2 that filled up a cylinder with 
fuel then hydo-locked the motor on start up; splitting the aluminum cylinder 
bore. Your Audi A4 has a cast iron block so a bent connecting rod is most likely 
if there were to be a hydro-lock. You can remove the spark plugs and check for 
excessive fuel richness or wetness. But most likely, the last oil change 
service probably overfilled the  engine. I like to do all my own work so that all 
the errors are mine. Most likely a 1.5 quart overfill in winter time is not 
going to cause any problems.  Your OBDII system will send you a DTC if catalyst 
efficiency becomes a problem. I would pay more attention to the timing belt and 
tensioner maintenance and to clogging the oil pick up screen if you want to 
worry about something.
Peter Badore

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