[A4] Strange cooling behavior at 0F ambient

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Mon Jan 12 23:41:49 EST 2004

At 11:20 AM 12/01/04 -0500, Christopher Anders wrote:

>My 00 A4 1.8t reacted the same way.

Neither my 'ex' 98.5 2.8 nor my current '02 3.0 exhibited this coolant temp 
behaviour.  The temp gauge reached the mid-point (straight up) even at 
temperatures as low as -40 (C or F, doesn't matter).  The gauge _did_ take 
a while to get there, but it did.  Maybe it's because the V6's generate a 
little more waste heat than the turbo 4's.  The cooling provided by the 
heater core might be more than enough to cool the engine.

>By the way, did anyone else
>snowflake next to the temperature disappear at these low temps? I am not
>sure what temp it disappeared, but will watch it and let you know.

Yes, I think that the 'snowflake' temperature range is described in the 
Owner Manual.

>I also found out I have a leaky left side headlight washer pump :-(
>Chris Anders
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>As some of us have no doubt noticed, the last week or so saw some 0 to
>-10F weather here in the Northeast. Nothing compared to certain other
>climes, but my 98A41.8 sure acted funny.
>At those temperatures the coolant temperature guage, normally rock solid
>straight up (half way) once the engine is fully up to temperature, would
>not rise above 1/4 up. It was almost as if I had a stuck thermostat. I
>say almost because engine temperature did not vary with speed. Now that
>the temps have returned to above 0F it is acting normally again.
>So, is this normal? Anyone else experience this?

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