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Larry Velez velez at sinu.com
Tue Jan 13 09:33:05 EST 2004

It actually works out rather well.   When it locks at 10mph it will unlock the door when you turn off the car.  I think it is even
smart enough to know if only the driver's door was opened when entering the car.   I think I have noticed it sometimes open all the
doors when the car is shut off and sometimes just the driver's door.  I am thinking that it monitors the other doors to see if they
are opened before starting the car. 

I found it convenient to have the alarm set automatically (when it worked on my car).  It would be better if it knew that if the
windows were open, not to set the motion sensors.  With the windows open the motion sensors are triggered easily by wind.


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Ewww...I would HATE my doors to automatically lock at any time.   at 5mph 
or after I turn off the car and exit.
Talk about a PITA.

At 06:11 2004-01-13, Larry Velez wrote:

>It's actually a feature that is disabled by default in the U.S. because 
>it also closes the windows from the remote and I think there
>is some concern with small children.   But if you know someone with the 
>VAG tool, they can set it for you.   And if you ask the
>right person at the dealer repair very nicely they might do it also.   But 
>in my experience, they will set one thing and remove the other.  My 
>doors no longer lock automatically after turning off the car and 
>I need to find someone with the VAG tool and set everything the way I 
>want it.
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>Nope, BTDT! But did not realize I could close it with my remote... Back 
>to the Owner's Manual, I guess!
>Dan D
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> >
> > you've never had the sunroof in the vent position and didn't notice
> > until you are walking away?   Maybe I am the only in a rush
> > sometimes...
> >
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> > If you get out of your car and dont realize the sunroof is open 
> > perhaps you shouldnt be driving.
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