[A4] Remote entry

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Tue Jan 13 09:41:51 EST 2004

At 06:33 2004-01-13, Larry Velez wrote:

>It actually works out rather well.   When it locks at 10mph it will unlock 
>the door when you turn off the car.  I think it is even
>smart enough to know if only the driver's door was opened when entering 
>the car.   I think I have noticed it sometimes open all the
>doors when the car is shut off and sometimes just the driver's door.  I am 
>thinking that it monitors the other doors to see if they
>are opened before starting the car.

What if you're delivering something...get in...move the car around to the 
back or the place...then try to get out without turning off the car.  Door 
still locked?  I bet it is.
There's nothing like manual car controls IMHO.  If I want the doors locked, 
I'll lock em.  Same goes with stupid DRLs.  If I want to drive with my 
headlights on during the day, I'll turn em on.

>I found it convenient to have the alarm set automatically (when it worked 
>on my car).  It would be better if it knew that if the
>windows were open, not to set the motion sensors.  With the windows open 
>the motion sensors are triggered easily by wind.

Nothing like setting the alarm and having the car lock on you when you left 
your key sitting on the seat.  Oops.

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