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Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Tue Jan 13 09:54:16 EST 2004

Now why do you feel your doors need to be locked while driving?

OHhhh....Central NJ.  I understand now.
Doh!  <g>

At 06:51 2004-01-13, Dan DiBiase wrote:
>I plan to have the dealer program the auto-locking feature when I bring
>the car in for the 5k service (still stuck in the 3000's...). I seem to
>keep forgetting to hit the button... But I still frequently search for the
>lock with my elbow, as I did for 7 years in my Jetta - THAT was
>Dan D
>'04 A4 1.8T q MT-6
>Central NJ USA
>--- Larry Velez <velez at sinu.com> wrote:
> >
> > It actually works out rather well.   When it locks at 10mph it will
> > unlock the door when you turn off the car.  I think it is even
> > smart enough to know if only the driver's door was opened when entering
> > the car.   I think I have noticed it sometimes open all the
> > doors when the car is shut off and sometimes just the driver's door.  I
> > am thinking that it monitors the other doors to see if they
> > are opened before starting the car.
> >
> > I found it convenient to have the alarm set automatically (when it
> > worked on my car).  It would be better if it knew that if the
> > windows were open, not to set the motion sensors.  With the windows open
> > the motion sensors are triggered easily by wind.
> >
> > -Larry
> >
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