[A4] Installing a RF CD Changer

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Tue Jan 13 10:11:58 EST 2004

Just because you see most of them for 98+ cars doesn't mean that you'll 
never happen upon a 97 changer.

I think the early changers (such as the one used in my friend's 94 S4) is 
the same setup as yours.   You can find them every now and again.

And regarding help installing.  What did you want me to do?  Retype the 
installation manual?  What would we tell you that wouldn't be covered there?

At 07:09 2004-01-13, Tony Kowalczyk wrote:
>great answer, thanks, so helpful.
>if you look on e-bay, or most any where else, you'll see that the CD
>Changers are for 98+
>again, i have a 97.......
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>Why didn't you just get a used changer for that deck?
>They're $200-300 used all the time on ebay and the like.
>Step by step process for the RF changer?  Follow the directions that
>with it.  It should be pretty straight forward.
>At 11:25 2004-01-12, Tony Kowalczyk wrote:
> >hello Audi fans,
> >
> >i own a 97 A4, which those of you that own one, know that the cost of
> >the Factory CD changer is over $700 for this model... and no one that i
> >know of makes a factory second to hard wire a cd changer... and wanting
> >to keep the stereo in my dash stock, i have purchased a RF Sony
> >CDX-565MXRF CD Changer.
> >
> >I am installing it myself, and would like to communicate with any one
> >that has done this, and/or if anyone can refer me to a site that has
> >some step-by-step process to walk me through it.
> >
> >If any has any suggestions or better solution to my CD need, i am
> >willing to return this changer....
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Tony
> >
> >97 A4 1.8T
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