[A4] 2002 A4 problems

Brett Messimer brett.messimer at york.com
Fri Jan 16 09:11:10 EST 2004

Howdy all:

Has anyone else had lots of problems with their 2002 A4 1.8Tq?  Ever since I
bought the car in 2002 I've had lots of problems, the latest being the
thermostat dumping coolant out.  I have only put 37k miles on the car and I
can't even imagine that a thermostat would not last longer than that.  To
make matters worse, my car has been at the dealer (er, stealer ship rather)
since Wednesday waiting for a replacement thermostat.  I was just called by
the stealer ship and notified that there are none(!) in the US and they have
to wait to get a replacement from Germany (!) that won't be here until the
end of next week, at the earliest!  This is ridiculous!  I can't believe
that there are NO thermostats in the US.  This is inexcusable.  Amongst all
the other problems I've had, has been a miserable parts department that
can't order the proper items!  I had my car in 4 different times to get the
center console replaced (cracked along the left side, less than 30k miles!)
but each time I took my car in (overnight as usual) either the console
didn't come in (even though I was told it was in) or they had ordered the
wrong part (how can you order the wrong console?).  I am thoroughly
disgusted with these problems. 

Does anyone know how I can contact Audi of American, or whatever it's called
(I can't look it up in my owner's manual as it's with the car at the stealer
ship) to voice my disgust?

I'm used to German cars having their peculiarities and problems, as I've
owned Porsches for over 15 years, but this is ridiculous!

Thanks for the help and advice.

Brett Messimer
2002 A4 1.8TqM  <--  dead, in pieces at the stealer ship
1987 944 Turbo

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