[A4] 1999 A4 2.8 quattro buyer's tips...

Mark L. Chang mchang at ee.washington.edu
Sun Jan 18 17:36:11 EST 2004

Jeff -

You will not like the tiptronic, nor the V6. I know you like turbos. You 
better unload that thing quick. I'll be kind and put in an offer for 
$10k, just to help a guy out.

Heh... seriously, it's a nice cruiser, great in town, and really, the 
tippy is fine for an automatic transmission. Going from the 4kq to the 
90q to the A4q, well, it just gets nicer. Less fun, but really, on my 
way to work, in our traffic, driving fun isn't really part of the 
equation. It really depends on what your other cars are for "fun". The 
90q20v, for me, is just that car.


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