[A4] Washer Fluid Problems

Tim Grattan audia4 at cloud9grafx.com
Mon Jan 19 09:26:39 EST 2004

Well, its happened again.  Last winter, the washer fluid dispersion system
on my 2002 A4 stopped working.  First thing I thought was to check the fuse.
The only two that I can find that have anything to do with the windshield
wiper system was the one labeled windshield wipers and the other one labeled
heated wiper jets.  Both fuses were fine, took the car to the dealer they
said it was a blown fuse.  Last night on my way to work, same thing
happened- windshield wipers work fine, no washer fluid at all.  I use washer
fluid and not water so it's not frozen, I have verified that.  I checked the
fuses again, and both are ok.  I called the dealer and they said to check
those two fuses, I explained the situation to them and added that the same
thing happened last year and they said all they know is a fuse was replaced.
The most they can do is maybe get me in today. Since my schedule does not
really have many openings this week, I'm wondering if anyone would know what
other fuse it is I should be checking.



Thanks in advance,


Tim Grattan

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