[A4] struts

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Jan 20 15:32:25 EST 2004

I wouldn't call a worn out strut at 80k miles a "problem".  It's a wear
item.  That's why I'm curious what kind of life span people are seeing.  A
gradual degredation is deceiving; you don't realize how bad they are til you
ride on new ones. As I've just replaced the suspension (Bilsteins, tie rods,
ball joints, strut bearings) on my '84 urquattro, I'm all too aware of the
labor involved, as
well as the feel of fresh struts.  Luckily replacing them in the A4 should
be easier than it was on the urq.  And yes - these control arms have a
pathetic lifespan.  I've had them replaced before and luckily they're still
good.  My urq has it's original control arms, however all bushings have
been replaced - at much lower cost than the A4 pieces. Ahhh the price of

'98 A4
'84 urquattro 20V

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Struts... I haven't heard of anyone having strut problems.  Naturally, all
suspension systems get soft and "spongy" over time.  A '98.5 seems like a
lot of time (6 years!) to expect struts to stay stiff as new... so you may
be right about needing to replace them.  Take a look at www.pes-tuning.com
to start looking at what's out there for replacements (if you're looking for
stiffer-than-stock).  I HIGHLY recommend having any suspension upgrades be
done professionally.  It's all too easy to goof something not-so-obvious up
and have a very dissatisfactory ride as a result!

Also worth note, it's a safe statement to say that about once every 40k
miles or so, you will need to replace a control arm or two.  If your car is
handling funky-like, it's worth checking out:
Park the car somewhere level.  Get out and firmly grasp your front right
wheel.  Firmly try to wiggle the wheel in varying directions.  Repeat with
the front left wheel.  If you can wiggle either wheel AT ALL (they should be
completely and utterly SOLID), then you should have a dealer get it up on a
lift and have a look-see at your control arms.

Best wishes,

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hey all-
at what mileage are people seeing their struts wear out?  I've got about 80k
on my '98.5, and I'm thinking the struts are going(gone?) south.  Any
recommendations on replacements OE vs Bilstein or something??  I've got the
sport package and want to keep the ride as original.



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