[A4] Vacuum Hoses

JP jp at tulane.edu
Wed Jan 21 17:02:58 EST 2004

> Anyone else find that their vacuum hoses on 2000 A4 1.8 T break/rot
> monotonous regularity.  Had the A4 from new and had this done last
> under warranty.  Then CEL came on at weekend, and hoses were the
> again....
> phil

If you haven't thought of it, given the cost, I'd recommend changing all
the vacuum hoses.

I had a hose break when the car was only a couple years old, and
thinking that this was too early as well, I got my independent mechanic
to change all the vacuum hoses at the last oil change.  The hose cost a
couple of dollars a foot and an hour's labor.  

99 A4

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