[A4] Re: A4 Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1

Richard Hurt rhurt at thepoint.net
Fri Jul 2 10:57:42 EDT 2004

Yes, mine does the exact same thing : cold = OK | hot = invisble.  I was 
going to get it replaced under my Audi Advantage warentee, but i missed 
the cutoff by 2 days.  :(

I have thought about taking it out and seeing if there are some cold 
solder joints or something else that's fairly obvious.  Does anyone know 
if you can see anything if you take it out?  or is it completely sealed? 
  Also, how hard is it to remove the cluster?


Mike Rollins wrote:
> Yeah, my info display is pretty much non-existent whenever the temps are
> over 80 degrees outside.  They are nice and illuminated during the winter
> months though.  Obviously, it's a temperature issue, but I don't think
> anyone has come up with a fix, other than buying a used cluster or replacing
> the display through the dealer.
> Later,
> Mike
> '99 A4 Avant 1.8T qms
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